Children’s Clothing Gift Guide

Your sister had a baby; your co-worker’s daughter is turning three or your best friend’s twins are turning eight. These are all occasions to celebrate and you decide on getting the kids clothes. It’s not the easiest of tasks, having to buy clothes for kids who you don’t see everyday but you want to challenge yourself in the children’s department store! Here are a few tips from us that might help you get through it.

The Gender

It might be a bit of an obvious one but keeping the gender in mind is always a great place to start before you start navigating your way through dresses, shirts and Dora the Explorer. However, if you are an early shopper and want to be prepared for the arrival of a newborn whose gender is unknown, stick to colours that are unisex and general. These could include green, yellow, purple or even a light brown.

The Size

The trickiest part of it all: the size of children’s clothing. The problem behind getting the right size and fit is faced by most because children grow up very quickly. More often than not, they outgrow their clothes so soon that puts early shoppers in risky situation at times! While checking the tag or label behind the clothes that states an applicable age range usually works, what works better is either knowing the average size of the child you are gifting or buying a size bigger. Ask any parent and they are bound to tell you on how the bigger-size t-shirt actually soon became a fit for their kid.

The Colour

As in the case of the gender of the child, if you don’t know the recipient too well or in person, the gender-specific stereotype, works in this occasion: pink for girls and blue for boys. However, if you do know the child well or you know the parents well enough to ask them, it is always best to get them clothes that are of their favourite colour. If this is not possible and you have access to a picture of the child, look at his / her features. What colour is the skin or the eyes or hair? These are really great indicators for when you have to buy clothes, as it would help you gift a piece(s) of clothing that really complements their external features.

However, if these tips do not work for you and you are at the brink of giving up in desperation and heading to the toys section, rummage through the clothing section one more time as a gift of clothes is always considered more thoughtful.

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