The History of Aviation

Because of the aviation industry, we are able to travel to various destinations in short times. Before flights became available people rarely travelled and when they did they went by ship. This usually took days and the journey was not as comfortable. Since air travel became possible and popular many people travel each day to different countries.

Man always had a fascination with air travel. Since historic times there have been drawings and stories about people travelling through the air. Famous inventors such as Leonardo Da Vinci have envisioned flight. There have been many attempts but none were successful. People were able to use air balloons to move from place to place but it was not like flying where you had the freedom to manoeuvre and gain speed. December 17, 1903 was a date that would go down in history as the date the ever famous Wright brothers flew the first manned and controlled airplane. The plane stayed airborne only for a few seconds but it was a breakthrough in aviation. Today aviation industry has flourished. Private ownership of airplanes and you could easily go to an aviation equipment shop and get equipment.

After the Wright brothers’ flight many people improved upon the design. The first use of airplanes was for military purposes. Italy used it for reconnaissance purposes. This was followed by many other countries that started working on airplanes for reconnaissance. The World War 1 was when airplanes were used extensively for defence, offence and reconnaissance purposes.

Between World War 1 and World War 2 saw great advancement in technology. They were able to make aeroplanes that were faster and more powerful. There were many records set during this time and many were interested in aviation.

The start of the World War 2 saw large developments in flight as well as flight base weaponry. Many signed up for flight training. Airplanes were used to carry bombs, reconnaissance, offence, defence, cargo etc.

After the World War 2 commercial flying became more and more desirable. Many war planes were converted into commercial carriers. More and more people desired to fly commercially and the industry flourished. Over time as competition grew planes became larger and larger. They also became more comfortable and faster. Flights were able to fly hours on end. Airbus and Boeing became the two largest and successful flight manufacturers.

Currently, the aviation industry has become one of the busiest industries as well. Many countries have their own airlines and flying has become very common. There are many new technologies that are planned to be implemented and improve flight standards and quality.

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