The role of packaging in marketing

The first thing one must remember when it comes to the role of packaging in marketing or its role as a whole, it is that packaging typically performs 5 major roles: protection, containment, information, utility of use and promotion. These are the five basic responsibilities one should take into consideration above all else. Then you can look into the rest of the features that are necessary to engage and interact with the end consumer. This article will be looking at how these necessities come into play, and why they are so important in the sale of a product.


You want to be sure that your product is safe and protected from damage at all times. Why? Well because if not, the company will incur heavy losses as a result. For startups this is particularly crippling seeing as how they already are generally low on funds, and depend on their first few sales to keep them afloat. A ropp cap tightening machine for instance can be useful certainly, but it is not the only thing that will ensure the safety of your product, so make sure all elements are taken care of.


Now that the basic and most important part of packaging has been addressed, it is time to look at the next: recognition. People want to be able to identify your product whether they see it on a billboard, on a flyer or magazine. Imagine a product in a plain white package for instance; how on earth could you possibly know what it is and what is inside it? How will you advertise or market it? It is simply not possible. Hence, clearly the right packaging is important when it comes to product identification. It allows consumers to pick something out from the crowd.


Some products have seasonal specials and so on, and during those times companies change the face of their product. They give their entire packaging an upheaval, just for a period of time for a difference. Naturally, this catches the attention of consumers, who are curious to know what is going on. It allows for greater impact when it comes to advertising and marketing, which is the whole point of a promotion anyway. For short, quick promotions one might need to consider a high speed printer hire, to ensure the new packaging rolls out in time.


Consumers that have been buying a particular brand or product for a long period of time, do not need any special introductions or information about them. However, those who are new to it will want to be educated about it right away. They do not want to dig around for information. Packaging is a way to clearly communicate the company’s mission and vision without subjecting people to yards of content. Visual appeal comes into play here, and is a definitive part of the process as well.

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